Korean Site

Our Vision

A peaceful Korean peninsula united across an intact DMZ region, with biological and cultural resources preserved in perpetuity, enriching current and future generations of all Koreans.

Our Mission

The mission of the DMZ Forum is to support conservation of the unique biological and cultural resources of Korea’s Demilitarized Zone, transforming it from a symbol of war and separation to a place of peace among humans and between humans and nature.

Much of it untrammeled by humans over the past half-century, the DMZ can inform world scientists and citizens about nature’s reclamation powers.

Protected from development, the DMZ contains native plants, animals and intact habitats that do not exist elsewhere in North and South Korea but can be re-introduced to restore and maintain biodiversity on the Peninsula.

Retaining a wild natural state, the DMZ can attract and support eco-tourism activities compatible with ecosystem protection more profitably and productively than other potential development scenarios.