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DMZ Peace Park Project
Project to Create a Park for Peace, Ecology, History, and Culture, Linking Sorak, Keumkang, and Cheolwon Regions

Background and Necessity

With revitalization of mutual exchange as tensions ease between South and North Koreas, there is a greater need to come up with and promote a symbolic and actual cooperative agenda.

  • The problem of muddy waters and difficulties in water-quality management has been aggravated due to the construction of the Imnam Dam on the Bukhangang River.
  • Starting with the Mt. Sorak , Mt. Keumkang , and Cheolwon regions, there is a greater need for exchange for the sake of peace, ecology, history, and culture.
  • As progress is made in South-North relations, there is a great need to preserve and develop the Mt. Sorak , Mt. Keumkang , and Cheolwon regions, which make up the major regions of the DMZ; there is also a great need to systematically manage the region under a South-North cooperative regime.


Main Particulars

Establishment and implementation of main particulars for the study, planning, and revitalization of the Mt. Sorak, Mt. Keumkang and Cheolwon regions for the creation of the park.

  •  Establishment of basic plan for the creation of a park for peace, ecology, history, and culture.
  •  Promotion of sustainable progress and increased interest to attract international organizations.


Anticipated Results

As a way to establish a new model for South-North reconciliation and cooperation, it would be possible to set a benchmark as a paragon example of establishing cooperative national policy between the two countries in preparation of reunification.

The project can provide a new paradigm in the tourist business that each country has thus far made separate efforts toward, and can contribute to South-North exchange through the establishment of an international tourist region.

Rational decision-making on the mutually beneficial ways of jointly utilizing resources, and contribution to the trust between the two countries by reaching a sustainable agreement on utilization.

The project would conform to the national policy of becoming the central nation of Northeast Asia, and it would become possible to play a leading role in the establishment and maintenance of an ecological network in the Northeast Asia region, which would include South Korea, North Korea, China, and Russia.


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